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Dogs have a way of finding their way into our hearts, to the point where they become a treasured member of the family. If one of your furry Fresno friends is experiencing a canine illness or other medical issues, it can be an exceptionally scary time while you’re waiting for answers from the veterinarian, and it’s even worse if an incident occurs during evening or weekend hours. When your dog needs medical care outside of your vet’s normal business day, Fresno Pet ER is ready to see you through this difficult ordeal. Find out what your friends and neighbors throughout Fresno have experienced, “Where state of the art...meets state of the heart". See the PETSIMONIALS page for their comments.

While dogs don’t have the ability to speak about their state of health, there are some common ailments that present themselves with telltale symptoms. If your puppy is shaking its head or has difficulty maintaining balance, it could be a sign of an ear infection. Coughing, lethargy and weakness are typical symptoms of a heartworm infestation, while scooting, diarrhea and weight loss point to tapeworms or roundworms. Excessive scratching could be an indicator of fleas, but it might also represent a bacterial skin infection known as a hot spot. If you suspect that any of these illnesses is affecting your pooch, it’s best to make an appointment for dog vet care as soon as possible.

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Whether you’re in Sanger, Madera or Clovis, turn to the experts at Fresno Pet ER for compassionate emergency health care for a variety of pet health issues at any time of the day or night. Our services extend well beyond canines, so don’t hesitate to contact us for emergency veterinary care from an experienced cat, rabbit, bird and exotic reptile Veterinarian. To find out more about our family of veterinarians or follow up on a referral, call us today at 559-437-3766.