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Cat Laying Down On The Floor — Pet Vaccinations in Fresno, CA
If the number of online videos is any proof, cats are cherished family members because they combine unpredictable antics with love and affection. Illnesses and other feline medical issues can make your kitten seem like he or she isn’t the same animal, so pay attention to the signs and get cat medical care whenever you’re concerned. At Fresno Pet ER, our staff of veterinarians is standing by to help treat your feline’s ailments at any time of day, so find out what happens “Where State of the Art... Meets State of the Heart” in Fresno.

Treatment for Kittens

Cats can often be stoic while experiencing pain or an illness, so it’s up to you to spot the signs and seek medical care when necessary. Vomiting is common with felines, but you should keep an eye out to see if it’s just a hairball or a symptom of other ailments, like a urinary tract infection or an ingested foreign object. Weight loss can be a sign of tapeworms, which generally occur when the animal ingests fleas, a separate medical condition. You should also monitor your feline’s eyes to look for runniness and other indicators of glaucoma, cataracts and conjunctivitis. If you notice any of these symptoms in your kitten, it’s best to make an appointment for cat vet care.

Also Serving Sanger & Clovis

If you own cats in Clovis or Sanger, trust the professional staff at Fresno Pet ER to provide treatment for your felines whenever an injury or other emergency situation occurs. Many serious conditions don’t become obvious until the affliction has progressed, so don’t hesitate to bring your cat in whenever you’re concerned. To learn more about our other services like medical care for small mammals or reptiles or to simply ask a question about a potential health issue, call us during any hour of the day at 559-437-3766.