A Trusted Avian Vet Offering Emergency Care in Fresno

Colored Yellow Parrot in a Cage — Animal Hospital in Fresno, CA
From colorful plumage to melodious songs, there are many reasons why people keep exotic breeds of birds as pets. For Fresno residents who have a bird in the home, you need the ability to call a trusted avian veterinarian whenever your feathered friend comes down with an illness or experiences other medical issues. At the Fresno Pet ER, we have a staff full of compassionate professionals available to provide treatment for a variety of ailments, so you can get back to enjoying the companionship of your healthy parakeet or other breed.

Treatment for Your Feathered Friends

Since birds have an evolutionary impulse to conceal weaknesses from potential predators, it can be difficult to diagnose illnesses in these colorful creatures. Symptoms of an affliction are often subtle, which is why annual exams are a crucial component of comprehensive bird medical care. Your veterinarian will conduct a physical examination before moving onto diagnostic testing if any areas of concern show up during the initial consultation. Based on the results of fecal diagnosis, blood work, radiology and disease testing, the vet will determine a prognosis before formulating an ideal course of treatment.

Fly in From Clovis or Sanger

If you’re in need of avian veterinary services in Sanger or Clovis, contact the Fresno Pet ER for immediate attention to your pet’s illness when your regular veterinarian isn’t available. With proper aid and handling, you can expect your feathered friend to enjoy a life span that can stretch across multiple decades, so let us help you keep him or her healthy for a lifetime of companionship. To find out how we can help in emergency situations or to learn about our comprehensive reptile medical care services throughout the Fresno community, contact us today at 559-437-3766.